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2021-06-02 20:20:30

Oil Price Shocks During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evidence From United Kingdom Energy Stocks

Erhan Mugaloglu,Ali Yavuz Polat,Abdullah Dogan,Hasan Tekin

We investigate the dynamic relationship between global oil prices, the stock market, and oil and gas stock (FTSE-OG) returns in the UK through a structural vector autoregressive (VAR) framework during the COVID-19 pandemic. The structural VAR results


2021-06-02 20:25:25

COVID-19 and Daily Oil Price Pass-Through

Hakan Yilmazkuday

This paper investigates (crude) oil price pass-through into gasoline spot and gasoline retail prices in the U.S. due to the effects of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The investigation uses daily data in a structural vector autoregression framework.


2021-06-02 20:31:10

Possible Implications of the European Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism for Ukraine and Other EU Trading Partners

Maksym Chepeliev

This paper provides a quantitative assessment of the European Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) implementation. We find limited impacts of the CBAM for most European Union (EU) trading partners. Ukraine is the most impacted country, with a per


2021-06-02 20:35:00

Impact of Economic Policy Uncertainty on Renewable Energy Growth

Isaac Appiah-Otoo

This study examines the effect of economic policy uncertainty (EPU) on renewable energy (RE) growth for 20 countries using data for the 2000 to 2018 period. Our findings indicate that EPU has an insignificant negative effect on RE growth. The results


2021-06-03 22:38:23

Impact of COVID-19 on Corporate Liabilities in the Energy & Power Industry

Hao Xiong,Wen Shi,Shilin Xu,Huayu Shen

The international industrial chain has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic with the energy and power industrial chain most impacted. This paper studies the impact of COVID-19 on energy and power firm liabilities and finds that COVID-19 has (a) raised


2021-06-03 22:52:47

Are Oil Prices and Remittance Outflows Asymmetric? Evidence From Saudi Arabia

Selçuk Akçay

Understanding the nexus between oil prices and remittance outflows is critical for both remitting and recipient countries. This is the first study that examines the asymmetric impact of oil prices on remittance outflows for Saudi Arabia. Relying on the


2021-06-03 22:55:16

The Effect of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Oil Prices - Evidence From Turkey

Mustafa Tevfik Kartal

We examine the short-selling ban imposed by the National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange of Italy, the authority that regulates the Italian securities market, on three Italian energy stocks. We find that the effect of the short-selling


2021-06-03 23:06:00

Sustainable Development and Competition Policy

Panagiotis N. Fotis

The European Union (EU) has in recent years made significant efforts to incorporate green growth issues to EU strategic policies in favor of public and private sectors. In this paper, we present critical aspects of the European Green Growth Deal and we


2021-06-03 23:12:02

COVID-19, Short-selling Ban and Energy Stock Prices

Ikhlaas Gurrib , Qian Long Kweh , Davide Contu , Firuz Kamalov

We examine the short-selling ban imposed by the National Commission for Companies and the Stock Exchange of Italy, the authority that regulates the Italian securities market, on three Italian energy stocks. We find that the effect of the short-selling


2021-06-03 23:15:24

Infectious Diseases-Energy Futures Nexus - A Quantile-on-Quantile Approach

Ismail Fasanya , Oluwatomisin Oyewole

We examine the predictability of the energy futures market with a diseases-based uncertainty index using a non-parametric framework. We observe that: (1) non-linearity is significant when examining the causal relationship between uncertainties due to


2021-06-04 19:51:39

The Effect of Environmental Stringency on End-Use Energy Prices - Evidence From High-Income Country Panels

Brantley Liddle

We estimate environmental stringency’s influence on end-use energy prices for high-income countries by examining the impact of four measures of environmental stringency on residential and industrial electricity prices and road gasoline and diesel prices.


2021-06-04 19:57:42

Applicability of Energy Conservation Policies in Turkey: A Sectoral Analysis Through the Fourier Approximation

Muhammed Sehid Gorus

In this paper, we test four fundamental hypotheses on the applicability of energy conservation policies, namely, conservation, neutrality, growth, and feedback. We utilize an annual dataset for sectoral levels of energy use and income level. We find that


2021-06-04 20:00:28

The Effect of the COVID-19 Outbreak on the Turkish Diesel Consumption Volatility Dynamics

H. Murat Ertuğrul , B. Oray Güngör , Uğur Soytaş

We analyze the effect of the COVID-19 outbreak on volatility dynamics of the Turkish diesel market. We observe that a high volatility pattern starts around mid-April, 2020 and reaches its peak on 24/05/2020. This is due to the government imposed weekend


2021-06-04 20:03:07

Assessing the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Greek Energy Firms - An Event Study Analysis

Michael Polemis , Symeoni Soursou

This study examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the stock returns of 11 Greek energy listed companies. Using an event study approach covering a window of 10 days before and 10 days after the general lockdown (23/3/2020), we show that the pandemic


2021-06-04 20:05:19

Crude Oil Pipeline Capacity and Economic Stability

Bradley Ewing

This study estimates how crude oil pipeline capacity affects the volatility of industrial production. The standard economic impacts of pipelines on jobs, output, value added, and government revenues are firmly established. However, this paper fills a


2021-06-04 20:08:05

Energy Consumption, Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Economic Growth - Fresh Evidence From Panel Quantile Regressions

Buket Altinoz , Nicholas Apergis , Alper Aslan

This paper analyzes the association between energy consumption, carbon dioxide emissions and economic growth. The results from panel quantile regressions for 57 countries and three different regions support deviations from sustainable growth in the full


2021-06-04 20:11:21

Uncertainty Due to Infectious Diseases and Energy Market Volatility

Afees Salisu , Idris Adediran

Motivated by the COVID-19 pandemic, we examine the role of uncertainty due to infectious diseases in predicting energy market volatility using the new dataset on Equity Market Volatility-Infectious Diseases (EMV-ID). We find that the new measure of market


2021-06-04 20:14:38

On the Persistence of Energy Poverty in Europe - How Hard Is It for the Poor to Escape

Lilia Karpinska , Sławomir Śmiech

Abstract The study offers first evidence on the persistence of energy poverty (EP) in 26 European countries. We examine the interaction between EP and subjective poverty in the long run. We apply the Markov process and clustering techniques to micro-level


2021-06-04 20:18:00

COVID-19: The Reaction of US Oil and Gas Producers to the Pandemic

Bernard Njindan Iyke

In this paper, we examine the reaction of US oil and gas producers to the COVID-19 pandemic. We find that firms react to COVID-19 heterogeneously. The pandemic significantly explains 28% of returns and 27% of return volatility. These findings are qualitatively


2021-06-04 20:21:10

COVID-19 and the Oil Price – Stock Market Nexus - Evidence From Net Oil-Importing Countries

K.P. Prabheesh , Rakesh Padhan , Bhavesh Garg

This study focuses on the relation between stock price returns and oil price returns covering the COVID-19 period. This relation is examined for major net oil-importing Asian countries. Utilizing daily data, we fit a DCC-GARCH model. We find evidence


2021-06-04 20:23:58

COVID-19 - Structural Changes in the Relationship Between Investor Sentiment and Crude Oil Futures Price

Wenli Huang , Yuqi Zheng

This paper investigates whether the relationship between investor sentiment and crude oil futures price has changed during the COVID-19 pandemic. We find a structural change in the relationship from December 31, 2019 to February 25, 2020. The elasticity


2021-06-04 20:26:38

Hourly Oil Price Volatility - The Role of COVID-19

Neluka Devpura , Paresh Kumar Narayan

In this paper, we study the evolution of hourly oil price volatility. Using multiple measures of oil price volatility, we conclude that volatility increased following the onset of COVID-19. After controlling for conventional predictors of oil price volatility,


2021-06-04 20:29:51

Intellectual Capital Investment and Firm Performance of the Malaysian Energy Sector - A New Perspective From a Nonlinearity Test

Jawad Asif , Irene Wei Kiong Ting , Qian Long Kweh

This study examines the association between intellectual capital investment and firm performance of the Malaysian energy sector. A non-linear relationship between intellectual capital investment and firm performance is established. At low levels of intellectual


2021-06-04 20:35:32

Energy Efficiency, Emission Energy, and the Environment

Anelí Bongers

This paper studies the implications of environmental policies for energy efficiency and emission efficiency. We develop an environmental-economic model in which energy consumption produces pollutant emissions that negatively affect productivity. We find


2021-06-04 20:37:53

Crude Oil Prices and COVID-19 - Persistence of the Shock

Luis A. Gil-Alana , Manuel Monge

The effect of the COVID-19 crisis on crude oil prices is investigated by using long memory techniques. The oil price series is highly persistent with an order of integration of 0.84, displaying mean reversion. When we examine data before the onset of


2021-06-04 20:40:12

Oil Price News and COVID-19 - Is There Any Connection

Paresh Kumar Narayan

We evaluate the relative importance of COVID-19 infections and oil price news in influencing oil prices. We show that when the number of new COVID-19 infections surpasses 84,479, COVID-19 exerts a bigger effect on oil prices. Oil price news when conditioned


2021-06-04 20:45:10

The Essential Role of Pandemics - A Fresh Insight Into the Oil Market

Meng Qin , Yu-Chen Zhang , Chi-Wei Su

This paper probes the interrelationship between pandemics and oil prices. It shows that the pandemics may reduce the oil demand, causing oil prices to decrease, which is inconsistent with the predictions of the intertemporal capital asset pricing model.


2021-06-04 20:47:52

COVID-19 and Corporate Performance in the Energy Industry

Mengyao Fu , Huayu Shen

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the global economy and the energy sector has also been significantly affected by the pandemic.. This paper studies the impact of COVID-19 on corporate performance in the energy industry and finds that COVID-19 has had


2021-06-04 20:49:56

Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on the Crude Oil and Stock Markets in the US - A Time-Varying Analysis

Lu Liu , En-Ze Wang , Chien-Chiang Lee

This research explores the interaction among the COVID-19 pandemic, crude oil market and stock market in the U.S. by utilizing a time-varying parameter vector auto regression (TVP-VAR) model. Our results indicate that there is a negative connection between


2021-06-04 20:52:01

Can the COVID-19 Pandemic and Oil Prices Drive the US Partisan Conflict Index

Emmanuel Apergis , Nicholas Apergis

This paper investigates the effect of the COVID-19 and oil prices on the US partisan conflict. Using daily data on world COVID-19 and oil prices, monthly data on the US Partisan Conflict index, and the MIDAS method, the finding suggests that both COVID-19